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What Our Name About?

Jackson and Lily are my son and daughter. They, and their Mum (my Balinese wife Baya) are the most important people in my life. With families in mind and genuine a desire to ensure every guest leaves us with fond memories, we have created the best affordable place for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Seminyak.

Jackson and Lily already take a healthy interest in our restaurants. We hope that in time, they will nurture and cherish our venues as much as Baya and I do.

Baya, Jackson, Lily and I hope you enjoy our unique style of Balinese hospitality and sharing in the Jackson Lily experience.

Dean Keddell
Chef / Patron

It’s a Sharing Thing!

“It’s a sharing thing” is the driving culture and ambition of all Ginger Moon restaurants. We believe that whenever people share a meal with friends, family or loved ones, this is when they are at their happiest. Guests at Jackson Lily’s are encouraged to order several dishes to share and take time to savour the exquisite flavours.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is not an afterthought at Jackson Lily’s, it is a vital part of our business model.

Sustainability in Design

Reduced Electricity & Water Consumption & Greenhouse Gases.

Guest comfort on our second floor is achieved through open air dining. A breezy room was created using old-fashioned glass louvers on one side of the building and accordion windows on the other, a sliding roof over the balcony area not only makes for a beautiful evening of dining under the stars, but air flow is also increased. In the early evening and throughout the night this floor is never hot, it is cool and breezy and takes advantage of the tropics in the best of ways.


Our kitchen & bar uses only the most modern of equipment including refrigeration, dish and glass washing machines and ovens.

Protecting the Forests

Our teak floors, cabinets, bench tops and dining tables are all made from reclaimed/ reused wood.  Any other wood used was sustainably sourced.

Traffic Congestion

Our off-street carpark for staff and guests ensures we are doing our part to keep the roads (and footpaths) free of congestion.

Sustainability in Operation

Local Food Procurement

Jackson Lily’s has a commitment to quality local produce as our community is the most important aspect of our business. Not only do we receive the freshest possible product at the best price (we pass this saving on to our guests), it also means we are helping through encouragement the bettering of local produce.  Buying locally is also this is the most effective way of reducing the food miles of its produce.


Most restaurants operate as follows: growers deliver to wholesalers at the market, the market then sells to a retailer, and the retailer delivers to the restaurant. By going to the farms and directly, two legs of the supply chain are cut out.


By purchasing seafood directly from the market, one leg of the supply chain is cut out. This reduces truck and delivery movements, and results in fresher food for the customers.

About Jackson Lily's local food procurement

To this end, Jackson Lily’s has formally committed to maintaining or improving on the following stipulated benchmarks for procurement of food and beverages:

– 80% of fresh produce sourced from Bali farms & markets
– 10% of fresh produce sourced from within Indonesia
– 100% of seafood sourced from within Indonesia
– 100% of house beer is Indonesian

Our beef is currently coming from Australia and some bottled product from other countries in Asia, we are working towards 100% of all product coming from within Indonesia, this won’t happen until a local product of equal standing becomes available.

Waste Management

Organic waste taken by our staff and given to pig farmers. There is organic waste that pigs can’t eat, for this we partner with Urban Compost thus ensuring none of our organic waste goes to landfill.


Our suppliers deliver fresh produce in bamboo baskets and reusable containers, we do use suppliers that deliver goods in plastic bags, polystyrene, or any other pollutants.

We reuse as many of our wine bottles as possible. For 11 years now Ginger Moon as been having its wine bottles made into water glasses and carafes which we use in all our restaurants. We also sell the glasses and carafes to our guest who love taking them home as gifts.


Jackson Lily’s does not sell drinking water in plastic bottles, instead will fill our carafes with spring water that we purchase in large, reusable vessels. Sparking water is purchase from a local supplier in glass bottles, which they pick up once empty and reuse.


For all other waste work closely with our Banjar (local council) and their RRRR program to ensure that it all goes to the correct places and nothing enters the waterways or ends up in illegal dumps.

No plastic straws with limited use of paper straws (on request).


Jl. Raya Seminyak No.2, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta,
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

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